Mass Surveillance threatens the integrity of professional associations globally, undermining public trust in the professions that are supposed to serve them. As the UN’s Special Rapporteur wrote in a recent report on the Snowden Revelations, “The hard truth is that the use of mass surveillance technology effectively does away with the right to privacy of communications on the Internet altogether.” Governments, hackers, corporations, and big data brokers are taking advantage of inconsistent internet security to trade on our livelihoods and undermine trust in Attorneys and other professionals.

Law Firms, especially criminal defense and intellectual property practices, need to protect their data from over-broad government mass surveillance and targeted hacking. Attorneys need to develop competency in utilizing proven open source end to end encryption to effectively secure attorney client data and professional communications.

Here are some of the trainings we offer for organizations and law firms.

We work with organizations to assess and answer five questions:

1) Requiring Attorneys Properly Encrypt Client Data:

Are Attorney’s data practices able to ensure the highest ethics concerning attorney client privilege?

2) Requiring Private Business Properly Encrypt Consumer Information:

Do businesses in your locality have proper standards, security planning and encryption for private information?

3) Training Civil Society Organizations

Are civil society groups able to understand current digital threats and implement solutions to secure their networks?

4) Training Organizers to Secure Their Organizations:

Do individual organizers have the skills and understanding to secure their organizations and networks from hacking and mass surveillance?

5) Working with Foundations and Professionals on Security Planning and Information Security Audits:

Do influential institutions have the proper security for their organizational assets?