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Staff Bios:

Jonathan Stribling-Uss, Esq. is the director of Constitutional Communications, a nonprofit organization that specializes in information security for professionals and civil society organizations. He was a Mozilla and Ford Foundation Media and Democracy Fund Technologist Fellow in the Policy Department of the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU), where he served as a technology expert providing oral and written public testimony to the New York City Council about the risks to undocumented people of adding surveillance technology to the New York City Municipal ID (NYCID). Jonathan has also led trainings and accredited CLEs (Continuing Legal Education) for hundreds of attorneys and law students on cybersecurity, professional ethics, international law, and attorney-client communications with the NYCLA (New York County) Bar Association, Law For Black Lives, the Continuing Legal Resource Network at CUNY (City University Of New York) and The New York State Bar Association. He has also trained journalists, foundations, activists, and technologists from more then 40 countries at the Center for Constitutional Rights, Thoughtworks global corporation, The Bertha Foundation, Rockfeller Brothers Foundation, The International Development Exchange, The Ford Foundation, The Legal Clinics of the CUNY School of Law, and The Florestan Fernandes National School in Brazil. His work has been featured in The ABA Journal, The Indypendent, NY Magazine, and The New York Law Journal.

Jonathan is a Weathering The Storm Roadmap consultant. RoadMap is a national team of of 75 consultants across the country dedicated to advancing the power of social justice organizations and an eight-year track record of providing capacity building services.

Jonathan is also a staff partner at Social Movement Technologies (SMT). SMT provides online organizing strategy, training & staffing to help progressive social change groups engage members and win campaigns.

Constitutional Communications is also a digital security expert provider with the Digital Security Exchange (DSE). DSE connects U.S. civil society organizations to digital security experts who help them stay safe from digital attack.


Mike Tyner is a digital security trainer with Constitutional Communications and teacher. For over ten years, Mr. Tyner has taught film, technology, and African-American history at one of New York’s most successful alternative public high schools, Urban Academy Laboratory. Mr. Tyner also worked as a technology educator at Guttman Community College and through the New York Performance Standards Consortium, he has trained educators from over fifty schools in media and digital literacy.