Growing our Impact from 2020 to 2021

We begin 2021 with expanded advocacy and excellent partnership. Along with Peter Micek, Access Now’s General Counsel, and The ACLU of NY (NYCLU) ConComms staff wrote a powerful article entitled “Encryption is vital for attorney-client privilege in the digital era, and lawyers should fight for it” that highlights the cybersecurity risks faced by clients, attorneys, and especially incarcerated people.

This article builds on the recent report entitled “Legal Cybersecurity in the Digital Age” published by The ACLU of NY and written by our Director, Jonathan.

The report received significant coverage in the Legal and Business press.

We also received excellent feedback from Organizations, like Momentum Community, that we supported for many months of deep work on digital security processes:

“Working with ConComms was incredibly helpful for our organization to level-up our digital security knowledge and practices. We received not only immediate hands-on support as well as broader context about the importance of digital security for activists in this time.”

– Davida G. Momentum Community

We also received some excellent testimonials from our Fall 2020 election digital security cohort with Roadmap Consulting:

“There are so many cool tidbits I didn’t think I would come across. The training helped as a reminded to take your organizational and personal security very seriously”

– Javier H. G., United We Dream

“This course is an extraordinary opportunity to learn about many aspects of digital security, get concrete recommendations about secure apps, platforms and strong choices, and learn how to bring these best practices to to your organization”

– Cicily D., Black Organizing for Leadership & Dignity

“I love learning new aspects for digital security. To be able to bring this experience into my work and even personal life is really rewarding”

Ohio Organizing Collaborative

“Covered everything you would want to know”

– Alan N. / Voces de la Frontera (Wisconsin)

“Good training”

– Sarra Black Lives Matter Phoenix metro