Protecting and advocating digital privacy rights and security for civil society.


Teaching digital privacy protection tools and protocols to professionals.

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Standing up for the privacy rights of consumers, clients, activists, and you.

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Performing digital security audits and education for small organizations.

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Constitutional Communications is an organization that specializes in information security for professionals and civil society organizations.

We help secure information against mass surveillance and hacking.

Our work has been featured in a recent book, and our growth in 2023 has built on our successes continuing a partnership with Roadmap Consulting for Non-Profit Digital Security Cohorts. Our 2019 work partnering with the American Bar Association to complete a security assessment and training,  our 2017 Annual Report,  and this NY Law Journal Article also feature and explain our work.

Constitutional Communications is a digital security expert provider with The Center For Digital Resilience(CRD) (formerly the Digital Security Exchange). CDR connects civil society organizations to digital security experts who help them stay safe from digital attack.

What former participants are saying about Roadmap/Constitutional Communication’s Digital Security Cohorts and ConComms security planning:

“Working with ConComms was incredibly helpful for our organization to level-up our digital security knowledge and practices. We received not only immediate hands-on support as well as broader context about the importance of digital security for activists in this time.”

Davida G. Momentum Community

I highly recommend working with Constitutional Communications! They are comprehensive, accessible, and offered highly tailored support for our organizational needs. Not only did they support us to find the most relevant practices, but they also shared our values and really understood the stakes of our work. Personally, I learned a lot of technical and strategic approaches during the audit process. I feel more confident and capable in my ability to support our staff and other folks in movement.

Hilary M., Director of Political Education & Lead on Organizational Security, Showing Up For Racial Justice

It was a combination of very high level tech information with terminology that beginners could also understand and follow along to ensure their organization’s safety.

Diana M., Hand in Hand: Domestic Employers Network

The training helped me to name and to communicate a “culture of safety” as a priority for my organization. We provide leadership development training and candidate training. One of the barriers to people running for office is concern about digital attacks — this training has helped us to think about designing a curriculum to help BIPOC candidates to run more digitally secure campaigns.

Kimberlyn C., Rep GA Institute, Inc.

I had a fun time learning how to better protect of staff and members.”

Kevine B., Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth,

Extremely humbling and eye-opening to realize how little I actually knew about both the threats that exist and the ways to protect yourself, your co-workers, and your organization. This training has done an excellent job of preparing us with the resources and tools to begin to implement our learnings across the organization

Maria R., Highlander Research and Education Center,

The cohort on the training was a much needed dive into how we can maintain ourselves, work, and community protected in the cyber world. I not only gained knowledge of tools to implement in our organization but also threats and why these tools are necessary.

Karla V., Youth Engagement Fund,

It was a 21st century awaking of the digital environment we now live in.

Linda R. B., League of Women Voters of Georgia

RoadMap has helped organizations like Missouri Rural Crisis Center find solutions for a multitude of organizational needs over the years and the Digital Security Cohort was no different. Their personnel and experience is greatly appreciated. Highly Recommended. 5 Stars.”

Timothy G., Missouri Rural Crisis Center

“There are so many cool tidbits I didn’t think I would come across. The training helped as a reminded to take your organizational and personal security very seriously”

Javier H. G., United We Dream

“This course is an extraordinary opportunity to learn about many aspects of digital security, get concrete recommendations about secure apps, platforms and strong choices, and learn how to bring these best practices to to your organization”

Cicily D., Black Organizing for Leadership & Dignity

I appreciated the historical grounding around surveillance threats, both from governments and private interests, and the reminders of basic email and machine security. I also learned about secure resources that I’m hoping to incorporate into our workflow.”

Veronica M., Climate Justice Alliance

“Covered everything you would want to know”

Alan N.  Voces de la Frontera (Wisconsin)

“This multi-part series was an opportunity to go beyond having a bird’s view of vulnerabilities, and dig deeper and learn the specifics on how to strengthen digital security in practical and understandable ways.”

Albert Buixade FarreBiodiversity Funders Group

“Every session was relevant and well facilitated. Especially the clear action steps, the great context and the specific examples of digital security’s importance. It was great and very much worth my time.”

Mike Thorp, New Era Colorado

“Well worth the time and money. We gained valuable information and tools that every non-profit should use to protect the integrity and security of their work.”

-Tyger C., Grassroots Policy Project

“Digital security tailored to the values and concerns of our movements! We got knowledge and tools we can start putting to to use right away. Great program!”

-Orson M., Grassroots International

“Even when you are the IT professional on staff, there are always new concepts to learn.”

-Terenee P., Shriver Center on Poverty Law

“The cohort training did a great job of intertwining the history of digital security and how people/organizations have been surveilled and attacked in the past with tangible info and steps that can be used to improve our own digital security.

Christie P., Abortion Freedom Fund

Because we are a 100% remote workplace, there seems to be an unrealistic belief that somehow all of our information and data is safe, when in fact it makes us more vulnerable to attacks. This cohort training helped me better understand how we can improve our current operations and online security, even with the resources we currently have as an organization. Highly recommended!”

Herna C., Equity In The Center

I came in with a narrow perspective of what data needs to be protected and secured — this cohort training opened up my perspective to think more comprehensively of all the different systems and tools that EVERY single staff member uses and how we need to implement practices, tools, and a culture of data security across the entire organization.

Brian N., California Calls

They were amazing facilitators. They made sure we understood the materials and answered any questions that came up.

Alisha S., Khmer Girls in Action

You don’t realize the power you have in preventing a threat until you try to learn more about the threat.

Alexsander W., Sacramento LGBT Community Center

Background Report on Our Perspective on Professional Responsibility and Security:

“Legal Cybersecurity in the Digital Age” By Jonathan Stribling-Uss