Protecting and advocating digital privacy rights and security for civil society.


Teaching digital privacy protection tools and protocols to professionals.

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Standing up for the privacy rights of consumers, clients, activists, and you.

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Performing digital security audits and education for small organizations.

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Constitutional Communications is a nonprofit organization that specializes in information security for professionals and civil society organizations.

We help secure information against Mass Surveillance and hacking.  Here is information on our 2019 work partnering with the American Bar Association to complete a security assesment and training, our 2017 Annual Report and a NY Law Journal Article featuring our work.

What former participants are saying about Roadmap/Constitutional Communication’s Digital Security Cohorts: 

“This multi-part series was an opportunity to go beyond having a bird’s view of vulnerabilities, and dig deeper and learn the specifics on how to strengthen digital security in practical and understandable ways.” ~ Albert Buixade Farre, Business Manager, Biodiversity Funders Group

“Every session was relevant and well facilitated. Especially the clear action steps, the great context and the specific examples of digital security’s importance. It was great and very much worth my time.” ~ Mike Thorp, New Era Colorado